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Whiteboy Slim (maurice richard libby) blues@whiteboy-slim.com
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In the past three years, I have notices that at every bar I play at or 
just drink at, whether it caters to 20-somethings or old farts, the 
place clears out by 1am. A lot of artists I know in NYC start their gigs 
as early at 7pm to give the young suburbanites time to drive back to 
their homes. Around here I start my first set a 8pm if the owner will allow.

In all the years I've been playing, I 've seen the first set go from 9pm 
to 9:30 to 10, and now sometimes 11. I think sometimes that the start 
time followed what happened in the seventies with Stadium rock acts. At 
first the sound checks took so long that 9 0'clock shows started at 
10:30, then it became a kind of status symbol to start late (I think 
there was a bit of disdain for the fans too--let the rubes stew!)

What I do know now is that nobody  I know, except hard-core coke users 
and meth-heads, wants to stay out late anymore. Hell, it's hard to find 
somebody to go out and get a burger after a gig anymore.


Sandor Gulyas wrote:
> On 4/19/07, Karen Hanson <karen.hanson@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I've always wondered why the music in clubs has to start so darn late,
>> especially on weekdays. We working folks can't stay out till 2 in the
>> morning and then get up and go to work the next day. Hey, maybe the
>> 20-somethings can, but the rest of us can't. I'd be able to go out 
>> more if
>> the music would start around 8 instead of 10:30.
>> Karen
> Even music critics wonder the same thing...
> http://www.225batonrouge.com/news/2006/jul/31/whens-band-gonna-start/?music 
> (This article is from July of last year)


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