FCC Settles With Radio In Support Of Independent Music

Michele Lundeen luckymljj@msn.com
Wed Apr 18 14:22:59 EDT 2007

Thanks Mac, that's pretty much what I was getting from it as well. Mostly
that this ruling may open the door for Indies that are also deserving but
didn't have the "budget"! Ricky/Mike, I agree, but I think we "get" the
underlying message that the pickin's are slim on mainstream radio. Or am I
missing something here myself? (course the first time I read it fast I
thought it said "slime" ...oops... so maybe I am missing something! HA!)
I thought it was interesting that the article chose to point out the
"Republican" and "Democrat"!  ummm
"FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, a Republican, said the settlements showed the
agency was taking a tough stand and "will not tolerate" payola or other
violations of FCC regulations.
However, Commissioner Michael Copps, a Democrat, said a wave of
consolidation in the broadcasting industry has also played a big role in
eliminating radio access for independent musicians. Concentration of station
ownership "makes for radio that sounds the same everywhere," he said. Copps
urged radio listeners to send an e-mail to the FCC in coming months about
whether they are hearing more and better music."

Michele Lundeen 

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From: Guitar Mac gtrmac@prodigy.net
In those day's they hit it big because some of them had a credit card or
some extra money to spend on Payola.. From this I think you will see allot
less of those and a better Crop of musicians Talent wise.

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From: "Michael Huggins" <jukekings@suddenlink.net>
YES, indeed they are.........

On Apr 18, 2007, at 5:56 AM, Ricky Stevens wrote:
Maybe I need more coffee, but aren't all those "nationalized" musicians
somebody's local guys that hit it big?

From: Michele Lundeen
Got this, this AM "If, in one year, we are hearing more local musicians
instead of the same slim crew of nationalized fare over and over again,
we'll know we advanced the ball," ...

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