BMI isn't much help...Re: giving credit where credit is due

Steve Hoffman stevehoffman@STARPOWER.NET
Tue Apr 17 09:33:40 EDT 2007

Yes, it is an imperfect system all around.  Point taken.
-Steve H.

c. n. wrote:
> Perhaps sloppiness, but on whose part? One might consider that going 
> to the BMI sight would be helpful in tightening up those sloppy loose 
> ends, but when you go to do a search on "Dust My Broom," this is what 
> you find.   chuck
>> From: Steve Hoffman <stevehoffman@STARPOWER.NET>
>> I myself have been involved as an A&R consultant for some CD reissues 
>> where the record label (a large one, not a little indie) screwed up 
>> the credits (here I'm referring not to crediting the composer but 
>> crediting those who did the A&R, production, liner notes, and stuff 
>> like that).  At first I was quite pissed, but after checking with an 
>> entertainment lawyer and also with my good friend who was involved 
>> with the label, I learned that such mistakes are very common in the 
>> record business and are a simply matter, in most cases, of sloppiness.
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