Long-Shot Query For New York 'Zellers

E Willett unklegeo@msn.com
Mon Apr 16 21:33:05 EDT 2007

I think Freighttrain may have been in Elementary School about then.  He's a younger cat.
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  Wonder when Freight Train was in Buffalo, and if I crossed his path (I was
  there 1971-1977).

  Richard and Eileen, it most certainly is not Bobby Parker who has been based
  in the Washington DC area since around 1960 (and originally from Lousiiana
  and Los Angeles) or New Orleans' Robert Parker, saxophonist with Professor
  Longhair before becoming a R&B vocalist (Barefootin').

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  >Nahhh...It's Robert "Freighttrain" Parker, originally of Buffalo, NY (as am
  I) and later Florida (as am I).
  > http://www.myspace.com/theoriginalfreightrain<http://www.myspace.com/theoriginalfreightrain> 
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  >  This may be the Bobby Parker your talking about, and he is great. He is
  originally from Washington D.C.
  >  http://www.bobbyparkerblues.com/<http://www.bobbyparkerblues.com/<http://www.bobbyparkerblues.com/%3Chttp://www.bobbyparkerblues.com/>>
  >  Jeff Horton <jeffreymhorton@TX.RR.COM<mailto:jeffreymhorton@TX.RR.COM<mailto:jeffreymhorton@TX.RR.COM%3Cmailto:jeffreymhorton@TX.RR.COM>>>
  wrote: I got this e-mail query today and I don't know the answer.  But you never
  >  know, maybe some up-state New Yorker on the list might know about this.
  >  Thanks,
  >  NaCl K9
  >  Hi Jeff, 
  >  I grew up with a kid in South Buffalo who travels all over playing 
  >  blues with his band, his name is Bobby Parker, or Robert Parker, he is 
  >  Indian and very good. I have lost contact with him and don't remember 
  >  the name of his band, but it has something to do with trains I believe, 
  >  I can't remember if train is in the name of the band, but it is driving 
  >  my nuts trying to remember. Would you happen to know of who I am 
  >  speaking about? 
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