so, will the hoochie mamas have to go ?

Blue Stew
Mon Apr 16 20:50:54 EDT 2007

Sharpton said "we have to make an example of Imus or else we lose 
credibility when we go after the rappers."
Someone else said (can't remember who), "it makes more sense getting rid 
of an old millionaire cowboy than take on the rap industry".
Scapegoat def: a person or group made to bear the blame for others or to 
suffer in their place....
Jesse Jackson is going to make a speech about his feeling on the Imus 
firin, today. I'll bet'cha he doesn't throw in an apology to the Duke U 
boys for ruining nearly their rep. Nope, they are too rich and too 
white.  Hell, they should be apologizing to Jackson for that crime!

c.n. wrote:
> So, I guess the question that begs asking here on this list is this--In this
> new post-Imus enlightened age that we've had laid in our laps, will Bobby
> Rush's hoochie mamas (or any reference to them across the blues genre) have
> to go? How about the "hens?" Will their still be room for songs by Blind
> Lemon that mention High Yellows and Fine Teasin' Browns (or should I say
> will they still be allowed to be freely played w/out fear of someone
> becoming "scarred for life?"
> Will music that had a woman declaring she was going to sit on it--if she
> couldn't sell it--still be able to drift over the airwaves of community and
> college radio blues shows across this country, without the PC police,
> Jessie, or Al Sharpton getting all worked up and demanding heads roll, or
> frequencies be shuttered and sold?
> Will the masses, in their fevered pitch, realize that songs about Nappy
> Heads (and hoochie mamas) began in the blues genre back in the 20s--and in
> turn feel obligated to turn the bright search lights on those roots, and
> demand that they be pulled from shelves and shows, possibly even tainting
> some blues in the schools programs.  Collateral blues damage? Just could be...
> chuck

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