NBC. Don Imus.

Tom Muck tom@maild.inte-net.com
Mon Apr 16 12:44:17 EDT 2007

>Rush Limbaugh...a legend?!! Not even close. He is a hate monger, sociopath 
>and a disgusting blob of human waste. He is a racist, sexist, vile, rabid, 
>ignorant, homophobe. He is a repulsive, Nazi, moron, bigot that takes great 
>joy in torturing defenseless animals. He is an Afro-American, Mexican, Gay, 
>Women, Liberal bashing, Environment bashing, hypocrite conservative pig of 
>a man. He is Ann Coulter in a pig suit. King and queen of the KKK.
>He makes Don Imus sound like Mr. Rodgers! Imus gets fired and yet this 
>shit-bag gets away with saying things like;

I'm no fan of either (Imus or Limbaugh), but you just used more hate speech 
in one post than Rush has done in his entire career. Don't be part of the 
problem. The problem isn't racism on the airwaves, its using hateful 
rhetoric when discussing someone you don't agree with. Those guys shouldn't 
do it, and you shouldn't either.

I almost missed the post about the new American Folk Blues Festival release 
because of all the Imus chatter.


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