On copyright and royalties again

Fred W fred.wilhelms@GMAIL.COM
Sat Apr 14 14:53:54 EDT 2007

I came across this post from Thom Myers regardint the Internet broadcast
royalty rates from last month, and I thought it needed a response:

In pertinent part, Thom said:

"Unless my math is completely shot..........someone forgot about a few zeros

to the right of the decimal point? .0008 isn't 8 cents, .0011 isn't 11
cents, .0014 isn't 14 cents, .0018 isn't 18 cents and .0019 isn't 19 cents
For A World Of Blues at the rate of fifteen songs a hour x .0011 x 24 hours,

a thirty day month will cost us $83.16   ...................?
(and that's an over estimate, I usually do 10-12 per hour)"

Thom, you left out one important part - that per play rate is multiplied by
the number of listeners you have.

If you average 100 listeners an hour, that $83.16 a month becomes


Unless you've got a spare hundred grand a year to spend on royalties, this
is probably going to cause some problems.

These rates are going to kill off most, if not all, the smaller stations,
which, as we know, is where we get to hear most of our blues these days.
I've written an article on what these new rates mean to recording artists,
especially those who count on smaller stations like Thom's.  It can be found


I have included in the article an open letter for artists to sign.  I've
been collecting names for nearly a week, and I will probably release the
list of signers next week.  If any recording artists here want to join in,
my email address appears at the end of the article.

And everyone else can write to their Congressional representatives to roll
back the rates.  That's what happened in 2002, and it will probably have to
happen again.

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