Walter Potter
Sat Apr 14 00:01:01 EDT 2007

Here's a few dates (b.born, d.death) for tomorrow.  If you have any additions/
corrections, email Complete data is now available
from <>. 

artist                     notes             yyyy-mmdd, city/county   state age
AMMONS, GENE "JUG"                 (tsax) b. 1925-0414, CHICAGO,         IL
ANDREWS, INEZ         (v/gospel/CARAVANS) b. 1929-0414, BIRMINGHAM,      AL
GIVENS, BILL       (founder: OJL RECORDS) b. 1930-0414, LOUISVILLE,      KY
HARRIS, BILL              (g/THE CLOVERS) b. 1925-0414, NASHVILLE,       NC
JOHNSON, RONALD           (g/FATS DOMINO) b. 1944-0414, NEW ORLEANS,     LA
ROGERS, SHORTY             (tpt/arr/prod) b. 1924-0414, BARRINGTON,      MA

BACON, TREVOR       (v/g/LUCKY MILLINDER) d. 1945-0414, SUMTER,          SC  38
BIRCH, GAYLORD          (d/CHARLES BROWN) d. 1996-0414, SAN FRANCISCO,   CA  50
BRONSTEIN, DON S.(photographer/CHESS REC) d. 1968-0414, ACAPULCO,    MEXICO  41
GREEN, LIL [LILLIAN JOHNSON]          (v) d. 1954-0414, CHICAGO,         IL  34
GREENHILL, MANNY               (promoter) d. 1996-0414, LOS ANGELES,     CA  80
HARRIS, THURSTON          (v/ALADDIN REC) d. 1990-0414, POMONA,          CA  58
MORGAN, AL        (b/LES HITE/JACK MCVEA) d. 1974-0414, LOS ANGELES,     CA  65
POINDEXTER, PONY                   (asax) d. 1988-0414, OAKLAND,         CA  62
PRICE, SAMMY          (p/DECCA/SAVOY REC) d. 1992-0414, MANHATTAN,       NY  83
TURNER, JAMES "DANNY"               (sax) d. 1995-0414, PHILADELPHIA,    PA  75

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