the handys name change

Fri Apr 13 06:37:26 EDT 2007

I agree with everyone so far about the Handys remaining the Handys.  But 
then compadre Jef compared Mr. Handy with...

> Perhaps Mr. Handy has already gone the way Jackie Robinson seems to be 
> heading, lost in time to succeeding generations who don't have a clue who 
> he is and what he accomplished. From the widely circulated Mike 
> Fitzpatrick/AP story on the 60th anniversary of Jackie's monumental feat:
> "The growing disinterest already has affected Robinson's legacy, (Torii) 
> Hunter said. 'Nowadays, if you talk about Jackie Robinson, or Hank Aaron, 
> a lot of black kids don't even know who he is. That's pretty sad,' Hunter 
> said. 'A lot of parents, they're my age and they don't know who they are. 
> So how are they going to teach their kids? Pretty much, it's at home. A 
> lot of kids don't even know how important Jackie Robinson is to our 
> history.'
I can't help but respond, Jef.  Good grief, man.  Haven't you seen the new 
JibJab video ?  Three percent 
ofAmericans can't find Kabul on a map, but we've all seen Brit's puddy tat. 
I still find a huge laugh in that, however sad it truly is.  And watching 
the Imus thing unfold on blues-l here...geeze, man.  Are you really 
surprised?  Really?

And so now a bit a trivia: Who was the first pitcher faced by Jackie 
Robinson?  Answer: Lou Burdette.  A foot note to the Anna Nicole Smith 
crapola, Lou passed away on the same day.  I strongly feel Lou did more with 
his life, such as: he was the first and last major league pitcher to pitch 
three complete games in the World Series.  Indeed, he threw 24 consecutive 
shut out innings against the Yankees ('57 I'm thinking).  No small feat that 
considering the Yankee lineup at the time.  Now ask how in the hell did I 
know that?  My dad raised me on Lou Burdette as the greatest pitcher of all 
time; Ted Williams was the greatest hitter of all time; Mozart was the only 
composer worth listening to; Jussi Bjoerling was the greatest vocalist of 
all time; and Chet Atkins was the greatest guitarist of all time.  No other 
artists really existed, although I distinctly remember him secretly 
listening to T. Texas Tyler.  Before he passed, he added Ichiro as the 
greatest all-around player of all time, and was actually listening to other 
composers, vocalists, and I got him to listen to Julian Breem and Robert 
Johnson.  He got Breem, but didn't understand what it is I hear in Johnson. 
But, hell, I even got him to listen to me play and he decided I was pretty 
good.  Coming from him, that meant a lot.  And so now enough rambling...


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