NBC: imus to appear on sharpton's radio show today

Dick Waterman Jinxblues@aol.com
Mon Apr 9 10:34:37 EDT 2007

In a message dated 4/9/07 6:51:34 AM, cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM writes:

> Longtime radio (shock)jock Don Imus is under heavy fire, and probably
> rightfully so, for making disparaging remarks (on his Imus In The Morning
> show) aimed at Rutgers women's basketball team. It was really noting more
> than his garden variety BS that he throws at everyone from Bush and Cheney
> (he calls him a murdering bastard all the time), all the way down to
> whomever may be doing the weather that morning, that's one of his
> gimmicks....like it or not I often find his brand of humor offensive, but
> not always. I could, looking at it (somewhat) objectively, say the same
> thing about Chris Rock, Chappelle, or the late Richard Prior. But, like
> those folks, you have to temper any of your anger with the knowledge that it
> is presented as parody--some may even claim comedy.

Sorry, Chuck, that freedom of speech argument only goes so far.

He called the Rutger's women's basketball team "a bunch of nappy headed ho's" 
and that has crossed the line for a lot of people.

He likes to push the envelope but this time his envelope done fell off the 

And it's Richard Pryor, by the way . . .

Dick Waterman
Oxford, MS

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