the Wildest!

Blue Stew
Sun Apr 8 09:01:25 EDT 2007

You do realize that Smith's 'emotionless blank stares' on the bandstand 
were part of the act...don't you? Don't know why but it seemed to work. 
It's been said that Sonny and Cher took it and used it in their act also.
The latest recording I have of K.S. is a live one she did in 2001 "Keely 
Sings Sinatra". It is  s/wingin' daddy-o/!
She sounds as good as she ever has. Maybe better.

Her memories with Prima were not all fond ones. He allegedly physically 
and mentally abused her. I'd imagine that's why she doesn't talk about it.

fred dabney wrote:
>> The enigmatic Keely Smith is still alive and well - in fact all this 
>> month she's performing at NYC's very very tony cabaret, the Cafe 
>> Carlye. I recall reading that she refuses to talk about her years 
>> with Louis Prima.
> Just look at how she interacts with Prima in that video- they get face
> to face for a few moments, after which she reaches up and wipes her
> face.  Not a "moment".  Those few seconds may be the most animated
> I've ever seen her

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