Western Maryland Blues Festival

Chip Eagle ceagle@visnat.com
Tue May 30 18:24:00 EDT 2006

That's three questions, but no extra charge:

1)No rest for the wicked, my friend.

2)No, we pay them wherever they have to sleep

3)CDMojo has a one-time, upfront charge to cover the listing and then we
take $4 out of each sale (regardless of the price) to cover the handling
cost. Trust me, we are losing, at least so far. But that isn't the point. It
is modeled after another site that is familiar to all, but artist kept
telling us that they were getting buried in the pop and rock, etc., so we
decided to do the same consignment process but just for Blues, Folk and
Roots music. We figure that it will start paying back  in a few years. We
had the people workign here who all decided that they would take on the
extra work so we went ahead and started it. The programming took nearly two
years to get done, as it was a back burner kinda thing. But it seems to work
real well and smooth and it is growing every week. There is some pretty cool
stuff that is kind of hard to find on there and new stuff is added every
week. But I will tell you that we are all pretty proud when the day comes
each month that we write checks to the artists. THAT is the point. I will
tell you right now that I was darn proud of my team for taking on the extra
work. They work long hours for low pay and their boss is a slavedriver.
Wait...I wasn't supposed to say that!

All joking aside, it is really the work of Jerry Hurst, Steve Sloan and
Jason Terrill who make it work. The site is pretty clean, we are using every
inch of our office (and I mean every inch!) to warehouse the CDs, and the
boys work hard to make sure everyone involved has a good experience.

Check it out and let me know what you think at www.cdmojo.com. Hint: pet the

chip eagle
Blues Revue/BluesWax/FolkWax/CDMojo.com

If you dig the music we cover, check out CDMojo.com, where the artists get
the money, no matter where they sleep.

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>chip eagle
>Blues Revue/BluesWax/FolkWax/CDMojo.com
>If you dig the music we talk about in our publications, then check out
>CDMojo.com, where the artists get the money, not big boxes.

Two questions, when you get some free time.

They're paying artists off in big boxes?

Y'all don't take anything for selling the artists CDs?

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