Request for Support from Gary "The Wagman" Wagner

Joe McGaha
Fri May 26 11:11:51 EDT 2006

Dear Music Lover,
Have you listened to lately? If not, check it out! is a web-based worldwide radio network with a selection of four different 24/7 audio streams: Blues, Jazz, World Music and Oldies. We are a multi-stream, non-profit, commercial-free, listener-funded internet music service.
We don't believe in "selling out" and cramming our programs full of ads like the majority of radio stations on AM & FM do. Instead, we provide an ad-free radio listening experience, and rely on your voluntary support to help us meet the many operational expenses required for broadcasting.
Our budget is tiny in comparison to stations that use red-hot vacuum tubes to send out their signal, nevertheless it is still close to $50,000 annually. That means we need to find enough listeners that understand and believe in what we are doing each month to raise close to $4,000 in listener donations. 
Here is a monthly summary of our broadcast expenses:
· Streaming costs: about - $1500
· Server colocation, electricity - about $1100. 
· Equipment repairs and upgrades - about $700
· SoundExchange music license fees - about $300
· ASCAP and BMI fees - about $250
· Legal and accounting fees - about $100-$200
There are no paychecks, only volunteer labor is used. As you can see, we run a pretty tight ship. Right now, if every listener to N2Webradio simply sent us one dollar per month we would have close to what we need to cover our expenses! 
If one-tenth of our listeners each donated $10 per month, or if 20% of our listeners each sent $5 per month, we would be fine. Sadly however, many listeners enjoy our programs but send nothing at all. That's why we are asking for your help.
Our operation is based on relatively new technology. Lots of people are discovering every day that their computer is much more than simply an advanced typewriter, that it is in fact the equivalent of a worldwide radio receiver, and that there is fresh, exciting, previously unavailable programming available right now, today, online. 
In the next year, internet radio signals will begin to be available inside automobiles as they motor down the highway. We firmly believe that once the audience grows to that point we will begin to financially thrive. For now, we're struggling to "hang in there" until that day. 
If you enjoy the music on N2Webradio please pledge any amount that works for your budget to ensure that our service continues. Simply click on "Contribution Information" from any "We thank you for listening" page or on the "Support" button you'll find right under the word WORLD on any of our family of music-based web sites. 
It only takes a minute and the data you submit is securely encrypted for complete safety. Any amount helps us keep going, and every penny contributed gets put to work immediately to continue the educational and entertainment goals of our programs. 
On behalf of WWW.N2BN.ORG, WWW.N2WM.ORG, WWW.JAZZKNOB.ORG and WWW.CRUISINMUSIC.ORG, as well as Music Lovers all over the world, we thank you for your generosity. We are counting on the support only you can provide to help this project continue to be possible.
Gary Wagner
Project Manager,

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