Another weird thread WAS: Henry Butler - ninth ward pictures post Katrina photographer

Wed May 17 05:27:51 EDT 2006

Not to belabor this thread, well okay, just this once, there are those of us 
so obsessive compulsive as to point out to maxdog:

> music to be played on the air at 3AM in the morning to people who are so

"3AM in the morning?"  What the hell, man!  Let's start a thread on this 
topic!  Yes, once on a Mike Oldfield tune (Moonlight Shadow) with the 
wonderful vocals of Maggie Reilly, she sang same!  So what is it?  3 AM or 3 
in the morning?  What will it be?  Come on!  It is 2:27 AM in the morning 
right here right now...

weird tom just to the right of Jef in the NW
and I've met Guitar Mac a few times now and he really is a bear--a big teddy 
bear kinda guy...I vote too on Guitar X as being a pretty cool handle.

ITP: Carolyn Franklin - Sister Soul (Aretha's little sister) 

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