Henry Butler - ninth ward pictures post Katrina photographer

Walter Potter maxdog-blues-l@comcast.net
Tue May 16 22:21:07 EDT 2006

No Name Available wrote:
>  I'm > not looking for any more weirdos, TY. 

Boy are you in the wrong place! This is as weird a bunch as you are 
likely to meet. We have folks on here who drive for hours and hours to 
make a very few bucks playing unpopular music to people who really only 
want to hear Mustang Sally just one more time. We have DJs who spend a 
fair chunk of their time putting together radios shows full of unpopular 
music to be played on the air at 3AM in the morning to people who are so 
tired from lack of sleep that they can't get up and change the channel. 
And we have a bunch of folks who just like to listen to that unpopular 
music and try to convince their friends, if they have any, that it 
really is better than Mariah Carey. Boy are we a weird bunch!

> As for who I am...Many here know my name, offlist.... and Walter (Maxdog)  
> has seen my photo on my private blog. I sent him the link long ago. (And  no, he 
> won't send you the link.)

Nope, I wont. But the guys on the list would love it, Ooh La La! That'll 
have them searching the web like crazy! We should have a couple of 
peaceful days on the list until they give up.
Keep on keepin' on ...

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