Jim Crowin' was Re: Lil Ed

Blue Stew mail@bluestew.com
Sat May 13 20:59:26 EDT 2006

Got it!!  It was "Showboat".

Blue Stew wrote:

> Last night I watched part of an old movie (1935?) with (I'm just 
> guessing here) what looked like Nelson Eddy (no, I'm not old enough to 
> remember him, but I do), Virginia Bruce?, the fat black woman from 
> "Gone With The Wind" and Paul Roebson(?) singing "I Suits Me Just Fine".
> Story: Young, pretty white girl becomes rich and famous by speeding up 
> "Old Negro Songs" (taught to her by her mammy) and singing them on the 
> Vaudeville stage.  She gets old, retires and her daughter (Kim) takes 
> over. As usual, a lotta rich white people get even richer off Negro 
> music.  Sound familiar?
> Man that movie had more shuckin' and jivin' than poor ol' 'bug eyed 
> Rochester', after seeing 10 ghosts! "HHHHHHELP MISTA BENNY!!!
> Bow ties-a-twirlin', eye balls-a-rollin',  watermelon smilin', youzzzza!
> I surely would not put Lil' Ed in that category.
> mike, "aint nobody here but us chickens!"
> Jay Watterworth wrote:
>> Ah, the radio personalities, Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll were 
>> white. Amos and Andy was a very successful radio program that ran for 
>> 30 years. The television program is notable for many things including 
>> the fact that it was the first show with an all black cast.  Gosden 
>> and Correll's characters, Amos and Andy, were played by Alvin 
>> Childress and Spencer Williams, both well known black actors.
>> The reason the program was taken off television after a two year run 
>> was because of the racist stereotypes portrayed.  Civil rights groups 
>> in the 1950s were behind the removal though the programs were still 
>> syndicated for years after.  I remember seeing them in the early 
>> 1960s in Detroit.
>> Jay (sorry Dick.  Or are you too young to remember?)
>> From: "Dick Waterman" <Jinxblues@aol.com>
>> Sent: Friday, May 12, 2006 11:14 PM
>> Subject: Re: Lil Ed
>>>> gtrmac@prodigy.net wrote:
>>>> > Something's Is better left alone.Amos & Andy was taken off TV 
>>>> because > they
>>>> > did not do black people Justice.
>>> Amos and Andy were taken off television because they were being 
>>> played by
>>> white people in blackface makeup . . . or are you all too young to 
>>> remember?
>>> Dick Waterman
>>> Oxford, MS
>>> www.dickwaterman.com

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