blues foundation awards

Candye Kane
Sat May 13 07:49:31 EDT 2006

I am in europe on tour with bill stuve on bass. He is proud that rod won  for 
band of the year YET AGAIN because he feels like its a slap in the face for  
rod since he canned him. we keep calling bill the big "award winner" and 
telling  him he gets the front seat since he is the bigshot. It is ironic that rod 
fired  both bill and paul fasulo from the band and still won for best blues 
band. maybe  rod should be in a different category? how can they be a band if 
half the band  is fired? weird how he wins constantly. there are so many other 
great blues  bands in the world. I wish the blues foundation would spread the 
recognition to  all the people who keep it alive instead of a select few. But I 
am happy for  janniva and zac and some of the newcomers who won.
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