B. B. King gets his question answered

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>From: Jeff Horton <jeffreymhorton@comcast.net>
>Subject: Re: B. B. King gets his question answered
>Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 02:41:52 +0000
>I was introduced to Robert Lockwood by Sam Myers at the 2003 KBBF.  He
>allowed me to take some photographs of him and Sam talking, and also him
>Anson Funderburgh sitting together.
>A while later in 2004 I was over at Sam's apartment working with him on his
>Sam was telling some Robert Jr. stories and decided all of a sudden to call
>at home in Cleveland.  Mrs. Lockwood answered and Sam asked to speak to
>Lockwood came on and I listened as he and Sam joked back and forth (Sam
>uses his speaker phone).  Suddenly, Sam said that he needed to visit the
>restroom and told me to talk to Lockwood until he got back.  So I sat down
>to the speaker phone and we chatted for about five minutes or so, and he
>was as
>nice as anyone could be, telling stories and giving that high-pitched
>of his quite often.
>Last year at KBBF 2004 Lockwood graciously allowed me to interview him
>after his
>set, for the purpose of adding to the introduction to Sam's bio.  B.B. King
>already provided me with the same, so I was very glad to be able to put
>two great artists in juxtaposition.
>I've heard a lot of stories about how irascible Lockwood can be.  But I
>in 2003 as someone brought him a stack of LPs and a couple of posters to
>butting into his conversation with Sam to do so, and was very patient as he
>signed them all.  I just don't know where people get the nerve to interrupt
>private conversation like that, but Lockwood didn't bat an eye.  I can say
>what I've personally observed, that Mr. Lockwood is above all, a true
>NaCl K9

Now....just where did I put jot down that phone number for "Ripley's Believe
It Or Not?"

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