Gig's Done

Chris Gillock
Fri Mar 18 02:19:30 EST 2005

It is 1:05 am - St. Patrick's Day is over.  I just
finished playing at my local blues club.  I book one
gig per month - and hire the best musicians I can find
and make sure they get paid a decent wage.  I was
especially lucky tonight with my band mates.  They
were all stellar players and everyone seemed to get
hotter as the night progressed.  I was honored to play
with these guys.  But now I am feeling a bit low
because we had a really lousy turnout.  The weather
sucked here in Chicago, there are two Irish pubs
within walking distance of the local bluse bar, and
the NCAA's were pulling folks into sports bars.  Blues
bars don't do well when faced with these challenges.
So we played our hearts our for three sets to a house
of about 7 people.  The music was truly great due to
the outstanding musicians that agreed to play (I was
by far the weakest musician in the band).  I am a bit
bummed that the great music wasn't heard by more
folks.  But even if we had played to just the
bartender, it would have been worth the effort - we
had fun and the band was amazingly tight.

I don't make my living playing music.  Every blues and
jazz cat that makes a l;iving playing music is my
hero.  It ain't an easy path.

G - Unit

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