Anyone here use AOL instant messaging?

Fred Dabney
Tue Mar 15 13:50:34 EST 2005

> Oh, my mistake....I thought this thread was asking if anyone was using AOL
> instant messaging. That's the problem with not changing the subject line
> indicate where the discussion takes a turn from the intended thread.
> chuck

I posted the original.  I did not use the NBC header because of
the potential for serious mischief should a musician use it to
send professional material over their system.

If AOL has (or claims) the right to use anything anyone sends
over the system without recourse, in anyway they choose, would
you want to send a set of lyrics for a potential song to your publisher
or agent, knowing that AOL may take them and sell them and they
don't even have to tell you?

Imagine if the post office decided they had the right to open any
piece of mail, use the contents for any commercial purpose and
not tell you they had done so?

Granted, we're moving in that direction with the present hysteria
over "turrism" but this ain't the same.

Fred D.

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