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Joel Fritz
Tue Mar 15 00:55:09 EST 2005

These are the same lyrics Jimmy Rushing sang with the Basie band in the
thirties.  I've have recordings of both versions, and they're the same
song.  T Bone Walker did the song much slower than the Basie version.

I think it's interesting that Walker made some records where he sang
differently from the cool approach he took most of the time.  In the
forties he did shouting and crooning besides the voice that generally
comes to mind when you think of him.

His recordings from the forties and early fifties are gorgeous--hard to
top.  The guitar is minimalist but perfect and his vocal phrasing is
terrific but sounds so simple and easy it's almost like speech.

Rolf Olmsted wrote:
> Here they are as done by T-Bone Walker on his 1957 or 8 album "T-Bone
> Blues"
> by Mitchell Parish / Harry White
> Evenin'
> Ev'ry night you come and you find me, oh Lord
> And you always come and remind me, oh yes
> That my gal is gone, my baby's gone, oh Lord, my baby's gone
> Evenin'
> Can't you see I'm deeply in your power, oh Lord?
> Every minute seems like an hour, oh Lord
> Since my gal, she's gone, my baby's gone, my baby's gone
> Now shadow's fallin', well,
> Are on the wall
> That's the time I miss your kiss, most of all
> Even though I try, how can I go on, oh yes, go on
> Pretty baby
> Evenin'
> Let me sleep 'til the gray dawn is breakin', oh yes
> I don't care if I don't awaken, oh Lord
> Since my gal she's gone, my baby's gone, oh yes she's gone
> Evenin'
> Let me sleep 'til gray dawn is breakin', oh Lord
> I don't care if I don't awaken, oh yes, since my gal she's gone
> My baby's gone, my baby's gone
> My baby's gone
> Rolf Olmsted

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