Who are the best Younger blues artists?

Scott checker758@YAHOO.COM
Thu Mar 10 14:11:07 EST 2005

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 12:38:03 -0500, Tom Holland <blueguitar77@HOTMAIL.COM>

>2. Big D - He's a young harp player here in Chicago, has his own band,
>also works with Taildragger, and he'll be playing with my band in April.
>He's only I think 22 or 23, and he blows a mean harp, reminds me of James
>Cotton in alot of aspects, has the Sonny boy stuff down too! Watch out for
>this guy......... he puts alot of the harp players in Chicago to shame.
>But then again, I'm biased, as he works with me pretty frequently.

I'll second Tom's mention of Big D - he's a real blues man, no qualifiers

A few months ago there was a 3 day blues harmonica teaching seminar in the
Chicago area, put together by Dave Barrett
(http://www.harmonicamasterclass.com/).  Mark Hummel was one of the
moderator/teachers, and hosted a big blues jam session on the last night
that featured a dozen or so harp players taking turns fronting a band,
including Billy Branch, Matthew Skoller, Hummel, Barrett, and others.  Big
D was not even advertised as being there, but was invited to participate at
the last minute.  IMO, he stole the show, not by tearing the room off the
place like everyone else was trying to do, but by dialing it down and and
showing how much beauty there is in the subtlety of this music, something
even lots of veterans seem to gloss over or miss.  Hummel had never heard
of him before, and in the middle of D's first song, Hummel turned to me and
said "Damn - who IS this guy?"  Hummel later pointed out that his vocals
sound a bit like James Harman, and IMO he's already as good a harp player
as Harman.  Another harp player I really respect compared D's harp playing
to Kim Wilson's, only more subtle.  And like Tom said, D is only 22 or 23
years old.  As far as I know he has never recorded anything other than
maybe a demo, but he's definitely someone to look out for.


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