Who are the best Younger blues artists?

Tom Holland blueguitar77@HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Mar 10 12:38:03 EST 2005

First off, let me thank all those of you who helped this gentleman out
with your kind words about me.

As for young guitarslingers, or blues artists on a whole, here are my

1. Guy King - he's Willie Kent's lead guitar player, MONSTER player, very
tasty, and can nail Albert King in one phrase, and Albert Collins in the
next. If your in Chicago, check out Guy with Willie Kent.

2. Big D - He's a young harp player here in Chicago, has his own band,
also works with Taildragger, and he'll be playing with my band in April.
He's only I think 22 or 23, and he blows a mean harp, reminds me of James
Cotton in alot of aspects, has the Sonny boy stuff down too! Watch out for
this guy......... he puts alot of the harp players in Chicago to shame.
But then again, I'm biased, as he works with me pretty frequently.

Can't forget Eddie Taylor Jr., Nick & Joe Moss, and I'm sure I'll think of
more later, but thats it for now.

Tom Holland
Tom Holland & the Shuffle Kings

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