Who are the best Younger blues artists?

Terry Odor tlo2@hotmail.com
Thu Mar 10 01:58:10 EST 2005

I'd like to re-emphasize David Jacobs-Strain.  He is incredible.
Ocean or a Teardrop was my favorite CD of 2004 and
the first cd I loaded in my MP3 player!


>From: Fred Litwin <fred@northernblues.com>
>How about 21-year-old David Jacobs-Strain.  He's an amazing acoustic
>blues guitarist.  His 2nd CD for NorthernBlues Music, Ocean or a Teardrop,
>garnering rave reviews.  Here's the review from the All Music Guide:
>Already established as a major young figure in the blues, David
>Jacobs-Strain widens his horizons a bit with this album. Blues remains at
>the roots, but in some cases, such as the adventurous "Earthquake" or the
>lyrical "Illinois," it's a little obscured by the branches overhead. That's
>not to say he's entirely turning his back on what begat him: there are
>splendid versions of songs by Blind Willie Johnson and Mississippi Fred
>McDowell here, while his version of Sleepy John Estes' "Girl I Love" is a
>delight of slide guitar played with a maturity far beyond his young ears.
>But Jacobs-Strain has rapidly developed as a writer, as something like
>My Chances" shows. Featuring oud and kora along with more standard Western
>instruments, it's a tour de force for his gravelly voice, while "Yelapa
>Breakdown" transports him somewhat into early country territory, with some
>superb fiddle work from Joe Craven (who's also outstanding on the title
>track). But perhaps the hardest-hitting cuts here feature a very small band
>— both "Shoot the Devil" and "Sleepless Dream" benefit from a glorious
>tension in the arrangements that propels the music along. Getting better on
>guitar every day, never flashy or arrogant about his talent, Jacobs-Strain
>is set to become a major figure in music, not just blues.
>     Chris Nickson
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