Who are the best Younger blues artists?

Ricky Stevens deltabluz@hotmail.com
Wed Mar 9 22:34:03 EST 2005

I have a major problem with the Teeny Tucker CD.  It doesn't do the live
show justice.  Excellent song writing delivered perfectly by Teeny Tucker.
Dramatic arrangements by Sean Carney that put dynamics, tempo and rhythm
changes to better use than I have ever heard in a blues setting.  Teeny is
the ostensible front, but Sean Carney and the sax player (Paul?) swap leads
and share the spotlight almost equally with Teeny.  Solid rhythm section
with just enough flash to remind you that they're there.  Very appealing
show visually.  I saw them three times over three nights at IBC and they
kept my attention throughout each set.  This is a group that is VERY good to
hear and even better to see.

Another good young player is Daniel "Slick" Ballenger. Slick grew up in
North Carolina and lived for a couple of years with Othar Turner in
Mississippi.  He plays a hill country boogie style. I've seen him with Terry
"Harmonica" Bean but I understand that lately he has been playing a god bit
with Blind Mississippi Morris.  I also hear that his first CD is in the
works and should be available within the next few months.

Ricky Stevens
Arkabutla, Mississippi

>From: bluesfantom <bluesfantom@centurytel.net>

>When I first read your post, my mind went to some of the players on
>And the first one to pop into my head is Sean Carney.  Haven't seen him
>in a while, but I like his solo CD (and that killer tune with Christine
>Kittrell) and his work with Teeny Tucker.  There are indeed a few on
>worth seeking out.  Can't say all of 'em are all that young either, but
>they're worth seeking out too.

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