Harmonica Necklaces was Re: Blind Lemon Jefferson souvenir license plates

Joel Fritz willie_mctell@comcast.net
Mon Mar 7 14:04:45 EST 2005

Steven Harnar wrote:
> So is a wedding ring or most pieces of jewelry (small enough to be swallowed that is).  Seriously though, are there any recorded instances of a "sober adults" aspirating on one?  They put warning label on little toys that toddlers could choke on.  Self destructive drunks don't count because they're gonna find a way to ruin themselves anyway, better a baby harmonica than a car possibly taking innocents with him.  As far swallowing it goes, it would also be small enough to pass if one ate enough fiber.  Wow!!!  Think of it, that could be a time when some actually did play "Zippidy Dodah" out their A**hole.
> chefo
> Walter Potter <maxdog-blues-l@comcast.net> wrote:
> Deb Lubin wrote:
>>Yep, those harmonica necklaces are cute, for sure. However, ever been to a show and had someone near you playing theirs along with the band? Not so cute then...
> Yeah, but they are small enough to be swallowed easily.
> --
> maxdog

The thrilling climax of the Three Stooges' "Disorder in the Court"
involves a swallowed harmonica.

Hear Barrelhouse Solly on the internet--that's me


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