DualDiscs -- Seeing More Music on the Flip Side

c. n. cnevitt@hotmail.com
Sat Mar 5 08:44:11 EST 2005

With DVD copiers prices dropping just as fast as CD duplicators, this is a
timely announcement for those pesky little burners everywhere.   I guess
cloning from the artists DNA is next.  <g>  I think I'll go to DNApster, and
burn off a Joss Stone for the spare bedroom...now where did I put that duct
tape.   chuck

>From: Sally Stevens <bluesprjct@yahoo.com>
>This is cool.  Sal
>DualDiscs -- Seeing More Music on the Flip Side
>Fri Mar 4, 6:36 PM ET        Entertainment - Reuters
>By Steve James
>NEW YORK (Reuters) - The debut solo album by urban boy-band B2K frontman
>Omarion just debuted on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart at Number 1.
>No surprise there, but what was notable was that about 30 percent of the
>182,383 copies sold in its first week were in the new DualDisc double-sided
>format, according to Nielsen SoundScan, which calculates sales.
>For a generation raised on compact discs, the "B-side" really had no
>it was like the dark side of the moon. Suggest playing the flip side of a
>record and teens might just stare blankly at the idea that you could turn
>a disc.
>But now, technology has found a way to use that empty side and satisfy two
>entertainment needs in one fell swoop. It's the DualDisc -- music CD on one
>side, DVD on the other.

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