PLAYLIST: KMSU/KMSK blues, February 22 - 28, 2005
Thu Mar 3 15:11:34 EST 2005

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BLUES BEFORE MONDAY: 7:00-10:00 p.m. Sunday, February 27, 2005.  With Mark 
and Gary, the "White Bread Blues Boys."  Mostly a basic show.  Birthday tributes 
to Fats Domino and Johnny Winter, and a preview of three new releases.

      ARTIST / SONG TITLE / LABEL (A) = album title       
        HOUR 1  
 1. Luther Allison/Driving Wheel/Mowtown
 2. John Hammond/When You Got A Good Friend/Vanguand
 3. Theodis Ealey/Stand Up In It/IFGAM
 4. Earl King/Old Mr. Bad Luck/Black Top
 5. Fats Domino/The Fat Man/Imperial
 6. Queen Ida & Her Zydeco Band/My Girl Josephine/Rhino
 7. Beausoleil/It's You I Love/Rhino
 8. Fats Domino/I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday/Imperial
 9. Fats Domino/I'm Ready/Imperial
    (A) Etta James/Bad To The Bone/RCA
10. Etta James/Crawling Kingsnake/RCA
11. Etta James/Dust My Broom/RCA
12. The Calvin Owens Show/Mistreat A Good Man/Sawdust Alley
13. Sista Monica/Put Your Shoe on the Other Foot/Mo Muscle
    HOUR 2  
14. T-Bone Walker/Pony Tail/Imperial
15. Muddy Waters/Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had/Chess
16. The Butterfield Blues Band/Walkin' Blues/Electra
17. Willie Dixon/Little Red Rooster/Columbia
18. City Mouse/Trouble, You Can't Fool Me/Aquarium
    (A) Johnny Winter/I'm A Bluesman/Virgin
19. Johnny Winter/I'm A Bluesman/Virgin
20. Johnny Winter/Sugar Coated Love/Virgin
21. The Mannish Boys/Call My Job/Delta Groove
22. John Lee Hooker/Jack O'Diamonds/Eagle
23. Eddie Martin/Keep It    Natural/Blueblood
    (A) Chainsaw Dupont/Bourbon Street Breakdown/Blues Warrior
24. Chainsaw Dupont/The Long Weekend/Blues Warrior
25. Chainsaw Dupont/You Think Too Much/Blues Warrior
26. Chainsaw Dupont/Workingman's Roulette/Blues Warrior
27. Chainsaw Dupont/Seventeen/Blues Warrior
28. Chainsaw Dupont/Nobody's Fool/Blues Warrior     
    HOUR 3  
    (A) Hubert Sumlin/About Them Shoes/Tone-Cool
29. Hubert Sumlin/I'm Ready/Tone-Cool
30. Hubert Sumlin/Still A Fool/Tone-Cool
31. Hubert Sumlin/Iodine In My Coffee/Tone-Cool
32. Hubert Sumlin/Evil/Tone-Cool
33. Hubert Sumlin/I Love The Life I Live/Tone-Cool
34. Hubert Sumlin/Walkin' Thru The Park/Tone-Cool
35. Hubert Sumlin/This Is The End, Little Girl/Tone-Cool
    (A) Tom Hambridge/Bang N' Roll/Under The Radar
36. Tom Hambridge/Some Things Never Change/Under The Radar
37. Tom Hambridge/Milk And Honey/Under The Radar
38. Tom Hambridge/Wrong Side Of The Tracks/Under The Radar
39. Tom Hambridge/Cut Way Back/Under The Radar
40. Tom Hambridge/Crashing Back/Under The Radar
41. Tom Hambridge/Kingdom Come/Under The Radar
42. Tom Hambridge/Pot Licker/Under The Radar

BLUE MONDAY: 6:00 - 7:00 Monday, February 28, 2005
Hosted by Mark Halverson. Just a basic show here.  The "Windy City Blues" 
release might count as a new release preview, as it has not been out that long.

      ARTIST / SONG TITLE / LABEL (A) = album title  
    (A) Variuos/Windy City Blues/Stax 
 1. Albert King w- Willie Dixon Band/The Lovin'est Woman In Town/Stax
 2. Albert King w- Willie Dixon Band/Need More Moma/Stax
 3. Willie Dixon/Move Me/Stax
 4. Otis Span/Must Have Been the Devil/Stax
 5, Billy Boy Arnold/tawo Drinks of Wine/Stax
 6. Sunnyland Slim/Every Time I Get to Drinking/Stax
    (A) Zydeco Force/You Mean the World to Me/Maison de Soul
 7. Zydeco Force/101 Proof Zydeco/Maison de Soul
 8. Zydeco Force/stupid Little Things/Maison de Soul
 9. Zydeco Force/Flash Back/Maison de Soul
10. Zydeco Force/Do the Mose and Amedee/Maison de Soul
    (A) Rob Stone & the C-Notes/Just My Luck/Earwig
11. Rob Stone & the C-Notes/Never Come Back/Earwig
12. Rob Stone & the C-Notes/Cut the Heat On/Earwig
13. Rob Stone & the C-Notes/Too Late Honey/Earwig
14. Rob Stone & the C-Notes/pickin' the Blues/Earwig

BLUES BREAK: Monday - Friday 11:30 - Noon.
Hosted by Mark Halverson.   Did a couple Grammy winners (Keb & Etta), 
previewed two new releases, and on Wednesday tried to do a tribute to the recently 
deceased Hunter S. Thompson.  That was pulled by the station manager before 
going too far.  The FCC has everybody running scared these days.  The material 
consisted of professionals reading passages from "Fear and Loathing in Las 
Vegas," which of course has profanity throughout.  However, it is a recognized 
literary work and Hunter's death is newsworthy, so maybe this would have gotten by. 
 But who wants to get cited to find out?  As I type this, legislation is 
pending in Congress to stiffen fines and perhaps expand the scope of 

      ARTIST / SONG TITLE / LABEL (A) = album title  
    (A) Keb' Mo'/Keep It Simple/OKeh
 1. Keb' Mo'/France/OKeh
 2. Keb' Mo'/Let Your light Shine/OKeh
 3. Keb' Mo'/Shave Yo' Legs/OKeh
 4. Keb' Mo'/Prosperity Blues/OKeh
 5. Keb' Mo'/Keep It Simple/OKeh
 6. Keb' Mo'/Rilet B. King/OKeh
 7. Keb' Mo'/walk Back In/OKeh
    (A) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas/Margaritaville
    (A) Etta James/Blues to the Bone/RCA Victor
 8. Etta James/Don't Start Me To Talking/RCA Victor
 9. Etta James/Hush Hush/RCA Victor
10. Etta James/That's Alright/RCA Victor
11. Etta James/The Sky Is Crying/RCA Victor
12. Etta James/Smokestack Lightnin'/RCA Victor
13. Etta James/You Shook Me/RCA Victor
14. Etta James/Driving Wheel/RCA Victor
15. Etta James/Honey, Don't tear My Clothes/RCA Victor
    (A) Various/Lackawanna Blues/Vanguard
16. Mos Def/Caledonia/Vanguard
17. Ricky Fante'/That's All I Need/Vanguard
18. Robert Bradley/Dark Road/Vanguard
19. Robert Bradley/Something Inside Me/Vanguard
20. Mos Def/Destination Love/Vanguard
21. Robert Bradley & Mel Gray/Down on Me/Vanguard
22. Big Joe turner/Boogie Woogie Country Girl/Vanguard
23. J.J. Jackson/But It's Alright/Vanguard
24. Etta Bakerr/One Dime Blues/Vanguard
25. Blind Boys of Alabama/Faith and Grace/Vanguard
    (A) Rory Block/From the Dust/Telarc
26. Rory Block/The Gate/Telarc
27. Rory Block/David Had The Blues/Telarc
28. Rory Block/High Water Everywhere/Telarc
28. Rory Block/I Be Bound/Telarc
29. Rory Block/Dry Spell Blues/Telarc
30. Rory Block/Runaway Dog/Telarc
31. Rory Block/Take A Train/Telarc
32. Rory Block/Unprecedented Quiet/Telarc

HOST COMMENTS:    I did not get to any live blues the past week.  There 
actually are a couple things on the calendar around here this weekend, both at 
LeMays in Lake Crystal.  The venerable Lamont Cranston plays there Friday evening. 
 Somebody I've not heard of before but who is billed as "new 
blues/rock...great new voice," Janine Taft and Lemon Dog, is there Saturday night.
    The new Blues Before Monday T-shirts featuring a picture of the White 
Bread Blues Boys have arrived.  Everybody likes them.  Some lucky owners have 
expressed surprise at how innocent the Boys once looked.  If you don't have one 
heading your way yet, call the station at 800-456-7810 and see what you need to 
do to get one.  A very limited supply -- for this pressing, at least.  

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PLAYLIST: February 2005 Living Blues" playlist report

The following is the February 2005 Living Blues" blues playlist report for: 
Blues Before Monday; Blue Monday and Blues Break on KMSU/KMSK & the Maverick 
Radio Network (Mankato, Austin, Albert Lea & Fairmont, Minnesota), 89.7, 91.3 or 
91.9 FM, Minnesota State University--Mankato, Mankato, Minnesota Contact: 
Mark Halverson, 133 Lincoln Street, Mankato, MN 56001; FAX: (507 345-6407; or at 
this email address, KMSUBLUES@AOL.COM.   

 1. Rory Block/From The Dust/Telarc
 2. Etta James/Bad To The Bone/RCA
 3. Hubert Sumlin/About Them Shoes/Tone-Cool 
 4. Keb' Mo'/Keep It Simple/OKeh
 5. Pinetop Perkins/Ladies Man/M.C.
 6. Ray Charles/Genius Loves Company/Concord
 7. Fathead/Livelier Than Ever/FH
 8. Jeremy Baum/Lost River Jams/Flying Yak
 9. Studebaker John/Between Life & Death/Avanti
10. Robert Fairweather/Blizzard In Chicago/BlueSpawn
11. Sonny Landreth/Grant Street/Sugar Hill
12. The Bobby Kyle Band/Last Call for the Blues/Self
13. Eddie Turner/Rise/Northernblues 
14. Various/Lackawanna Blues/Vanguard
15. Carlos del Junco/Blues Mongrel/Northernblues Music
16. Chainsaw Dupont/Bourbon Street Breakdown/Blues Warrior
17. Tom Hambridge/Bang N' Roll/Under The Radar
18. Various/Windy City Blues/Stax
19. Geneva Red/Getting' Cocky/Bottle Cap    
20. Duwayne Burnside/Live at the Mint/BC
21. Scott Miller/Days of Reckoning/Self
22. Johnny Winter/I'm A Bluesman/Virgin
23. Michael Powers/Onyx Root/Baryon
24. John Hammond/In Your Arms Again/EMI
25. Detroit Junior/Blues on the Internet/Delmark

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