Who can come up with the ultimate noble cause for the BF?

c. n. cnevitt@hotmail.com
Wed Mar 2 20:38:10 EST 2005

>From: Mike Edwards <mike@KINGMUDDFISH.COM>
>But at least he got the poser issue right. Most folks aren't smart enough
>to see beneath my glossy image and realize that my band and I are just a
>bunch of posers. Before we were King muDDfish, we were Prince poSer.
>Anyway, I've never flamed anyone on a forum and I'm not going to start now.
>By the way, (this goes to everyone in here, no one should feel singled out)
>how many homeless people did you actually bring into you home this year?

Why start there. Let's get to the blues. I like to think that I helped
directly make a positive difference in the lives of 3 elderly North Texas
bluesmen....For the record, the recordings I made on them each generally
cost 3 times more than the car I was driving at the time, and I never asked
any of them for one thin dime back out of their royalties).  I could be
meanl and ask you to match that, but that isn't my point--or what's
important--so please don't bother.  I shouldn't have even bothered to answer
your retort, but I didn't want you think it was because my bag was empty.

BTW, i did take some your original post in the playful nature it was
intended, that was where The Posers comment came from. I figured you'd take
it that way, but I was wrong. I'll try and be more gentle with you in the
future.  Sorry if the references about the working poor and needy made you
feel uncomfortable. That was not my intent.   chuck

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