No Mustang Sally

Joel Fritz
Tue Mar 1 18:28:44 EST 2005

Paul Nunis wrote:
> "I'd say learn to please the people who are paying you to be entertained,
> then worry about getting cute with "originals" later."
> Everyone should do as they like, and not that I have anything against a
> good cover act, or even that I think  originals are superior, but they are
> apples and oranges, and I (for myself) just don't see *not* doing originals
> in order to get good at doing originals.
> But maybe I've just heard one too many original that sound strangely
> familiar.....
> 'I'm you're Grocery Man, stop me when I'm drivin' by
> Yes I'm you're Grocery Man, stop me when I'm driving by,
> All the ladies love me when I whip out my big 10 inch favorite kind of
> pie...'
> OR
> 'Corvette Suzy...guess you better speed that Corvette up'
> (I've also heard some awful examples of rushing to be 'creative', without
> mastering a few basics, so I'm not advocating that either).

Reminds me of my favorite "Sweet Home Chicago" variant--Bo Carter's
"Border of New Mexico."  The refrain is "Don't you want to go to old San
Antonio, Texas on the border of New Mexico."

I looked at a map when I first heard the song.  In spite of the
geographical problem it's good.  The tune is different, the lyrics are
similar but different, and the guitar part is pure Bo Carter.

Hear Barrelhouse Solly on the internet--that's me

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