NBC: i smell another serious over-hypin...(imo)

c.n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Sep 26 09:03:04 EDT 2004

Joss Stone.  If you haven't already been deluged by the news that she's
the next (unchallenged) queen of soul, then you must have just gotten back
from the foxholes of Iraq.   Joss (a young English lass), bless her well
intentioned heart, well, she's just fortunate enough to have been chosen
to be "the machines" newest/biggest/greatest flavor. Who can blame her for
hoppin' on board (that doesn't mean I have to like the superficial way the
boarding passes get handed out, so I don't).

I finally got curious enough to search out some sound samples,
because her name kept popping up (literally) all over the place, even a
rave review at blackvoices.com (even though she's beige). Speaking of
popups, I haven't been near a mainstream music site in months that she
wasn't making an appaearance, uninvited, on my monitor.

The various praises sung are of the over the top, "you can't believe how
good she is" stuff, the usual hyperbole, thrown at the public in gobs and
masses ('cause some of it is bound to stick) for a couple of years,
then "the machine" will finally decide to switch gears, put the metal to
the pedal, and she'll be pushed harder than Martha Stewart's downstairs

Right now, the push is being made that she's this absolutely incredible
young soul singin' (and comfortably white) prodigy; That's only because it
was no doubt decided (BY THE B'WIGS) that was a simple, uncluttered entry
port in which to polish her up for her big pop push later.  I'd be willing
to bet on it. Hide & watch.

Back to those samples. (if the link breaks, just go to amazon and enter in
her name)

What I hear doesn't blow me away at all (there's a boatload of blues
singers who could have gone in and done a MUCH BETTER job with the same
material, heck, there's 4 or 5 in the D/FW area alone (and that's
conservative estimate), and I have listened to my fair share of soul
heavyweights, and obscurities, over the years. Yea sure, Betty Wright was
brought on board by the producer of her upcoming release, to help bring in
some of those Memphis type heavyweights from the Hi Records glory days.
Betty's on board, and insists that young Joss is really something special.
Betty is no dummy, she knows who's signing her check.

Even though the record does very little for me (from either the vocal or
production side), I'll point out that it will probably be her best one.
Once "the machine" decides that she's ready, they'll switch hard and heavy
towards the more pop models that have worked for others like Brittany,
Jessica Simpson and others of minimal talent, but benefactors of the major
push. Well, a benefactor along with all of those who have positioned
themselves to also be winners when "the push" comes down.

Mark my words, within a Yr or two, Miss Stone will be so in your face
that you might even start to believe she has to be the shit, or else her
mug/name wouldn't be everywhere....not because she has the most talent.
Don't blame me (for my predicition), or Joss (for riding it for all it's
worth), that's just how "the machine" works.    chuck

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