What do YOU want from an artist web site?

RJ Spangler rjblues2@AOL.COM
Thu Sep 23 05:36:58 EDT 2004

Pat, do you list your pedals on your site?  Tuners are a good thing.  Wah can
be very cool too.  Still, listing your pedals?  I don't see it. I guess that
is for gear heads.  I am NOT a guitar player, but I would guess that when cats
use those pedals, they are going for rock sound, going beyond the blues ala
BB, Muddy, T-Bone, etc.

Please don't make this personal cuz I have never been to your site.  I
certainly wasn't referring to you in particular.  I have no idea what type of gear
you use at all.


Date:    Wed, 22 Sep 2004 18:39:04 -0400
From:    pat boyack <pat@PATBOYACK.COM>
Subject: Re: What do YOU want from an artist web site?

The best comments are about my gear! LOL Funny. You can just not hit that

The pedal thing is a silly bias, I'm sorry but I have been battling that shit
for a while now. I have a pedal board that I use with Tremelo, Delay (tape
echo for that 50's sound), Tube Screamer (one song for 10 seconds) and a Boss
tuner. It's not the pedals that suck it's how people use them and to say it
makes you less of a player....then go tell Duke
that.....oh and make sure I'm there to see HIS reaction when you tell him he
serious. Earl Hooker (pretty serious dude) used a WAH and I just got me one
so NAH! Jimmy Vaughan in the 80's had a rack (another serious dude). Hendrix
(very serious cat...can you dig it?), SRV (serious hat wearing MF).

Pat B
I'm serious

Also, those equipment lists where guys mention their gear, don't impress me.
Endorsements are great, but to tell people about your pedals...shut up.
'Course if I see pedal's listed on your site, I'm not showing up or even taking
your music serious.  Did T-Bone use a flanger?

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