What do YOU want from an artist web site?

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Wed Sep 22 19:23:10 EDT 2004

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 00:52:31 EDT, RJ Spangler <rjblues2@AOL.COM> wrote:

>I have to agree with Ryan, Kevin and Mac, professional musicians dress for
>the gig.  I will add one added note: if its 100 degrees in the summer,
and we're
>playing the corner bar --I am gonna dress like I'm in one of those jam
>shorts and a T-shirt!  If its a real stage, then we tough it out and dress
>for the gig.  Bluesmen like BB and Muddy - they wore suits.  Its like a
>to them to dress for a gig.  Back to the website issue: have a well
dressed pic
>of your band.  If your wearin' a Ted Nugent T-shirt, I'm not coming to
>gig.  Also, those equipment lists where guys mention their gear, don't
>me.  Endorsements are great, but to tell people about your pedals...shut
>'Course if I see pedal's listed on your site, I'm not showing up or even
>taking your music serious.

Easy there biggun'....there's more than too many drummers who show up with
way too many drums, and then pound on all of them way too hard, all night
long, so poor taste isn't only a guitarist problem (not that you'd ever be
guilty of any of that, mind ya). I'm always leary of the drummer who slips
on his gloves before he starts banging away. They never fail to let me
down--they are always over-the-top.  chuck

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