What do YOU want from an artist web site?

pat boyack pat@PATBOYACK.COM
Tue Sep 21 22:23:30 EDT 2004

LOL We should almost always go with our first instinct Ryan. I used to get
dressed up because I felt like I had to look the part. I still do but that
is because of the type of band I'm in and what my boss wants. As long as
you look cool it doesn't matter because the masses don't care. Have you
ever seen those guys who just look like they have worked on an oil rig out
in Midland Texas? No, not GW, although he acts like he has been whipped up
side the head with that chain a few times. You could put a $3,000 dollar
suit on them and they would still look like a bum. Anyway, I don't look at
the clothes any more, I listen to the music........ok, ok, maybe I do look
to see what Madonna is wearing or not wearing....BUT THAT'S IT!

As far as my site is concerned, I have gotten good comments about the over
all look. It's very simple and easy to get around. Most sites have way too
many fancy graphics that slow down my computer. When that happens I just
say "screw it" and move on.

Pat B

Ryan said.....
>Secondly, I almost didn't respond the way I did out of
>fear of reviving the infernal "what an blues musician
>should wear" thread.

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