What do YOU want from an artist web site?

maurice richard libby blues@mauricerichardlibby.com
Tue Sep 21 18:55:35 EDT 2004

Man--you said for sure. All the older guys I loved dressed so sharp--Muddy
Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, all the ones I can think of dressed so sharp.
T-Bone Walker looked so good in those suits. I'm getting so I hate it going
to a jam or something like that and everyone's dressed in raggedy t-shirts
and like that. I'm guilty of that myself, I admit. But I did go out and buy
myself a nice pin stripe suit to wear on stage--i really wanted one of
those cool brook sbrothers suits that the Jazz guys wore in the early sixties.

By the way I have to say, I went to your site and you sure do lay down a
nice groove, and I love that red suit.

all the best,


maurice richard libby
aka Whiteboy Slim
"twenty-first century blues"

At 04:17 PM 9/21/2004, gtrmac wrote:

>For years we here in the west have been trying to give the blues a face
>And  also other styles of music . Of course we know most of us know that
>Rock & Rollers That is some are all bum's. Black people is where the blues
>started The only reason why any black person wore Raggedy clothes was
>because they did not have the money to buy new clothes. But with these new
>Breeds They are not serious about their art to them it's just a mockery. Ask
>your self seriously would you pay or go and see some bum onstage that looked
>worse than you.Appearance is what separates The men from the Boy's& Lady's
>from the Girl's ( Respect Your Self If you don't respect your self Nobody
>else goanna give a hoot about You Bum's).
>P.S. I know when I see someone on stage trying to sing the blues and
>disrespecting The blues or art . He or she is just a b;lues communist.We
>people that respect the blues Don't need these sick slimy(???????) Tell me
>If you could make allot of money Doing your music If you don't buy clothes
>what do you spend it on (Dope)?
>   Maybe you should think about your King Elvis he was no bum!.
>Guitar Mac
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> > Congratulations!
> > This has got to be the single-most idiotic thing I've ever heard.
> > To discount an artist's merit by whether or not they wear "ripped-jeans"?
> > Do you own any books, or were they all given away because the covers were
> > unattractive?
> >
> > sheesh...
> >
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> >
> > --- Steve Briggs <steve@stevebriggs.com> wrote:
> >
> > > What do you want to know FIRST OFF when you dial up
> > > an artist's site?
> > >
> >
> > Call me superficial (you wouldn't be the first) but  I
> > look at a band's photo page first. If they are wearing
> > ripped jeans, Ted Nugent t-shirts and ponchos, playing
> > through Marshall stacks I move on because the band
> > isn't my thing. But If I like how they look the music
> > samples are the next place I go.
> >
> > To me pictures of a band are a superfast to see what a
> > band is all about. You can get a rough approximation
> > of instrumentation, style and caliber of venue the
> > band plays without taking the time to download a song.
> > Plus I like to look at gear.
> >
> > Ryan

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