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Tue Sep 21 14:00:36 EDT 2004

Here is an update on Tyrone Davis from the Boogie Report by Leighala
It has been a week since the music industry heard the news that music
great, Tyrone Davis had suffered a stroke while hospitalized for
testing. Thankfully, God has kept our brother in his care and he is
still with us though many have irresponsibly reported information that
was to the contrary. Mr. Davis remains in a Chicago area hospital and
though there is very little change there is an abundance of hope. A
consumate performer known for his hit songs such as Turn Back The Hands
Of Time, In The Mood and Mom's Apple Pie he can also be given another
title, survivor and with his strength and resillience I believe that he
is up for the challenge.
Remembering back to this years Memorial Day show in Columbus Georgia,
when advised of the time constraints, as the headliner he knew that
people had been waiting to see him and he was prepared to give them
exactly what they wanted ( I believe if he could've he would have sang
every song per request) and he said adamantly that despite notification,
he wasn't going anywhere. I feel that he is still yet in that frame of
mind. If he were to make a profound statements right now he would say He
Ain't Going No Damn Where! So all you naysayers and mourners can put
your black clothes away because Tyrone Davis is here to stay.
Again, I implore all of you who know the word of prayer to continue to
lift him and his family in prayer. The Bible says that we are workers
together one with another and if any among you are sick let him call for
the Elders of The Church. If we are all believer priest according to the
word, then let us continue together to pray without ceasing believing
God for the miracle of healing. If any of you have a need to discuss the
condition of our brother and friend make sure that you use discretion
and speak responsibly having all of the facts before you carry hurtful
and liableous rumors, and if I have offended anyone by this statement
just have a little talk with Jesus because he alone knows my heart and
he can make this situation alright.
Don't forget you can send your get well wishes to
<mailto:GetwellTyrone@yahoo.com> GetwellTyrone@yahoo.com. All cards and
flowers can be sent Tyrone Davis c/o Platinum Music PO Box 6704 Villa
Park IL 60181.
 <http://amazinmace.tripod.com/getwelltyrone/> Click Here for The Get
Well Tyrone Web Site:  <http://amazinmace.tripod.com/getwelltyrone/>

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