NBC: politics, grammar and hurricanes

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Sun Sep 19 11:53:52 EDT 2004

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While I  find it difficult to understand how anyone could support G. W.
Bush, I know  some people on this list who do whose intelligence I
respect.  They're  still wrong. <g>  For that matter, I've met Joe
Lempkowski and  we're still on speaking terms.

First i thought, Joe who?  So i did a search and found his website,  viewed
his photos...very nice work indeed!!  When i saw his screen name i  realized i
did know him from the Internet, used to communicate about blues with  him in
chat rooms and such.

As far as blues people being republican, who knows?  Seems most the  country
has been schizophrenic as far as their political beliefs as related to  the
candidates they support.  A lot of it is the beliefs of the people who
influence them the most in life, their parents.  I recently took a little  test that
asked me what was important to me and then told me which candidate  best
represented my sentiments.  Not so surprising to me it was John Kerry,  even though
i've never voted Democrat in my life.  It wasn't surprising to  me because i'm
very keen on people's constitutional rights and less government  control.
The Bush presidency has seen more of a loss in those areas than  at any
presidency in US history.  Beware of the man on the white horse,  that promises to
protect you from evil by stripping you of your constitutional  rights.



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