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Fred Dabney fdabney@nmsu.edu
Fri Sep 17 21:09:37 EDT 2004

>  As far as being a
> Communist, I think socialist would be a better label,,

I didn't say he was a communist, but that's what a lot
of the members of the local Farm and Livestock Bureau
were calling him.  Rather like the land owners in Brazil
and other parts of Central and South America called the
reformers.  It was the term most likely to gain support
from the US government.

> As far as  "Hispanics" voting republican, I personally have
> never met a Latino Republican that wasn't a Cuban exile
> (or related to one.)  You made that statement about how
> Latinos vote as though it were fact and it surprised me,
> so I looked it up.  Surprisingly, at least to me, the Republicans
> have made inroads in recent years, but are still far from being the
> majority.

You need to break the demographics down a bit more.

Latinos who consider themselves "conservative Catholics"
are more likely to vote Republican, and that's a matter of
age, income and location.  But I know several Republican
Latinos, not all of whom are  "loco en la cabeza".

It's rather like the number of blacks who embrace Islam.
I often wonder why, since so many of the slavers in North
Africa were Islamic and considered the victims as being
little better than animals.

Neither of us intended for this to wander so far off-topic,
and I'm going to drop it for that reason...

Fred D.

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