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I have a  CD Sam "signed." He took the marker and drew lines all over the
place but  I'll be damned if it resembles any language I know. Before
anyone says,  "Well, wha'd ya expect - he's blind," my friend "Sir"
Charles Atkins is  also blind but can sign his name if he has a straight
edge to work with.  Some vision impaired people carry stamps with their
signature to make life  easier. BTW, I highly value the disk Sam Myers
signed. It's unique in my  collection and damn good music to boot!

I'm a bit delayed in this response but yeah, Sam signed my hat once, same
thing with the lines and circles and such.  Last time i saw Othar Turner in
C-Dale i asked him to sign my program, he made what looked to be an oT, and
apologized for not being able to write, he said he never had a chance to go to
school.  People that tend to minimize a person's life or existence because  they
may not be able to spell or write in an educated manor are to me just  trying
to subjugate the other person's being to their own...maybe they should  look
in a mirror and ask why they feel compelled to do this?


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