NBC: Re: Effective Blues Communications

Fernando Javier Toral ftoral@mecon.gov.ar
Wed Sep 15 10:01:47 EDT 2004

Richard Flohil wrote:

> "Writes" Guitar Mac:
> >Hey guy's . I find this price thing hard to believe Band's that sit
> >around and blow smoke . They have been smoking the wrong thing to
> >long . Some people are proffesional Bull shiters not Proffesionel
> >Musicans. I learned along time ago not to ever carry on a
> >conversation with a idiot The general public might not know the
> >difference. I know there is some who run scams pulling in mony from
> >other places what ever it may be and say they are making it on their
> >mucial talent just to mess with other great's mind .Don't believe
> >the hype.  Guitar Mac
> God know we all type badly, and some of us don't spell very well, but
> this post manages no less than SIXTEEN grammar or spelling errors in
> seven lines.  I dunno whether I come off too grumpy, but I'm using
> posts like this in the class I teach called "Music and Media" as an
> example of how NOT to communicate with and to people.
> Rewrite. Use spell-check. Parse. Paragraph. Etc., etc.
> (...)
> Cheers,
> Richard

So start with grammar at home, teacher. If you write "God know..." you
are using third person
in singular in the wrong way.
God knows...

Fernando Toral

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