NBC: Re: Effective blues communications

Walter Potter maxdog-blues-l@comcast.net
Tue Sep 14 21:02:55 EDT 2004

P.W. Fenton wrote:
> At 03:37 PM 9/14/2004 -0400, Walter Potter wrote...
>> Posts to Blues-L are not graded for proper use of grammar, spelling or
>> punctuation.
> I beg to differ.  We have been grading them for years.  You have a B
> average and only need 8 credits more to graduate.  Keep up the good work
> and you will graduate "Sumo Come Loudly".

Heck, I didn't do that well back when I went to school. In high school I
had the councilors chasing me around the school because they couldn't
fathom why I had the highest score on the Senior Placement Test and was
failing English. I hate writing papers. I hate writing my monthly
reports now. For some reason they just wont accept "Did stuff" as a report.

"Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects." -Will Rogers

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