Effective blues communications

Steve Hoffman steve@goodnote.com
Tue Sep 14 10:18:15 EDT 2004

Good point, Twist.

Hell, my own grandfather (may he rest in peace), who wasn't a black guy
from the South, he was a Jewish guy from a little town in Poland, a
tailor who immigrated to the U.S. and - although he learned English, he
could barely write it.  He would send me notes (on my birthday and so
on) in which virtually not a single word was spelled correctly!   He
lived a good life, and was an excellent tailor, and a loving husband and
grandfather and the real deal - a salt-of-the-earth workingclass guy who
lived much of his life in poverty .. . . . but yeah his written English
wasn't too great.

I like and respect Richard F., but I really do think his post attacking
Mac's grammar was inappropriate.  First of all, it was rude. And second
of all,  I mean, c'mon, blues itself is often full of rough, not
grammatically perfect language - most bluesmen do not speak the "King's
English"!  And I hope Richard's post does not dissuade others (e.g.,
musicians, or blues fans from non-English-speaking countries) with less
than perfect spelling or grammar from posting on Blues-L if they have
something to say.

With respect to Richard, Mac, Twist, and my late grandfather,
Steve Hoffman

Twist Turner wrote:

>Man what the f__k is wrong with you?
>Maybe Mac wasn't able to get the kind of education growing up down south
>as you were able to get.  I never asked him but for all I know he most
>likely had to go to work in the fields to help support his family like
>so many of my illiterate musician friends had to do. I happen to know
>Mac, and he is a hell of a nice guy who does all he can and goes above
>and beyond the call of duty to promote the blues in his area.  Attacking
>him for his grammer is just plain stupid and makes you look like an
>What if Muddy, Albert King, James Cotton or numerous other illeterate
>blues men tried to post here?  You gonna mess with them to to look like
>a big man????  Give man a break, at least he CAN read and write(although
>not perfectly).  I have no idea how some of my friends even get through
>life never being able to read a word. I can read his posts perfectly
>fine.  He gets his the point across perfectly well for me.   And I hope
>he keeps posting after this stupid BS.
>Don't you have a life or something you can go back to instead of messing
>with people who may not of had the opportunites you did in life?
>Honestly I'd rather have 20 Mac's on the list than a bunch of pencil
>pushing pee headed peckerwood spelling checkers.
>Twist Turner
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