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Walter Potter
Mon Sep 13 18:49:51 EDT 2004

c. n. wrote:

>> From: Walter Potter <>
>> And to fix the sad state of things more people need to go out to live
>> shows. There are some folks who try to take more than their share of the
>> pie such as greedy bar owners or unscrupulious agents but I think that
>> the
>> ultimate reason gigs pay so low is that there isn't enough audience on a
>> reliable basis for the rates to go up much.
> Like I've said any number of times, I think that's the case due to two main
> factors; 1) The
> aging of the fan base (past chasing the opposite sex for fun & games), and
> 2) So many more entertainment choices--rendering the pie slices so thin
> it's
> hardly worth the effort....then, top that all off with declining revenues
> due to burning/stealing music issues, and what you get is just what we
> have.
> Not much, and not all that much to look forward to. Imo.     chuck

I'd add that DUI laws keep some people home. The live music business
seem to take a serious nose-dive when the drinking age went up and DUI
laws got teeth.

BTW, I'm not "past chasing the opposite sex for fun & games" but they
can run faster than me nowadays. So mostly I just sit and listen to the
music. Besides, I was much wittier and better looking back when I drank
- or so I thought.

"Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects." -Will Rogers

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