Great Googly Moogly!!!

Jef Jaisun
Mon Sep 13 03:06:29 EDT 2004

On 12 Sep 2004 09:07:26 -0700, (P.W. Fenton) wrote:

 >  It opens October 22nd in New York, and November 5th in LA.

New York and LA. Not Chicago, not Memphis, not New Orleans, not St. Louis,
not Jackson, not Austin...and not in Seattle, where the "Year of the Blues"
concept was originated. Am I the only one who's tired of this NY/LA thing?

"The musical film event of the year," says the trailer. Well,
maybe...unless you count this.  ;)

It's hard to make a bad movie with a line-up like Scorsese had. That's like
handing the Yankees to the manager of this year's Mariners or Expos -- the
team is still going to win even if the manager sucks. The sad thing is this
flic may be the only lasting legacy of the "Year of the Blues." That  would
be kind of pathetic, considering it was the official kick-off event. What
followed was a haphazard array of promotions and discussions that all
disappeared as soon as the PBS series wrapped.

And I'm sorry, but John Fogerty, Aerosmith and the other obvious
interlopers were only along for the ride and the ticket sales. There were
far more bluesworthy performers who could have been included, but were not.
Where's Bobby Bland, Bobby Rush, Homesick James, Henry Townsend. Why aren't
Pinetop Perkins and Robert Lockwood on that list? Lonnie Brooks and his
kids? Bernard Allison? The Holmes Brothers? Big Jack Johnson? Henry Gray?
Detroit Junior? Jimmy Burns? Koko Taylor? Ad infinitum.

I'm sure the footage of B.B. and Ruth are worth the price of admission. But
I would have paid twice as much if the movie had included some of the
deserving people it so obviously omitted in favor of pop stars.


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