Philip Frankhauser

Jef Jaisun
Mon Sep 13 02:19:45 EDT 2004

On 12 Sep 2004 07:18:05 -0700, (Rocky Raccoon) wrote:

 >I was recently given a Philip Frankhauser CD, HIS KIND
 >OF BLUES. I found it very interesting. It kind of
 >reminded me of Jimmy Vaughan with a south of the
 >border flavor.  Even though Frankhauser is Swiss
 >Is anyone else familiar with this artisit?

Yep. he showed up at Chicago Fest this year on the Best Buy stage and did
one heck of a set. Of course, it didn't hurt that he had an all-star
back-up band that included Ian Neville and Richard Cousins. But he carried
it off well.

Jeff and Laura Diamond have been playing his stuff on the air in Sacramento
(Davis, actually) for years. They finally got to meet personally at Chicago.

I think what surprised me most was Philip's choice of guitar. It's the
first time I've ever seen someone, outside of a jazz musician, lead a band
with an ES-125.


P.S. Correct spelling is "Philipp Fankhouser."

                         Jef Jaisun
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