john lennon / bobby parker

Terence McArdle
Fri Sep 10 00:47:20 EDT 2004

>>And it is ironic that Bobby's riff is based on Dizzy Gillespie's Manteca, I believe.


Correct, Ron. Bobby and his band members were fooling around in a jam session on the song Manteca when he came up with the idea for Watch Your Step. And, in addition to I Feel Fine, Link Wray's Ace of Spades sounds like it was based on the Watch Your Step riff. I might add that I've always thought that Dizzy's song Manteca inspired Chuck Rio, sax man for the Champs, to come up with the song Tequila. The 2nd guitar part, played on the bass strings, is a particularly Manteca-like riff(though some of those riffs may be endemic to most Palladium era mambo music). And there were a couple of r'n'b covers of Manteca under other names. Night Rider by Sugarboy Crawford immediately comes to mind.

BTW - Link is scheduled for next year's Rockin' 50s Fest in Green Bay. Has anyone heard him in the last five years? How does he sound these days? I think its almost been that long since he played D.C. The last thing I heard was that he and his blood brother (and former Wraymen rhythm guitarist and singer) Vernon Wray AKA Ray Vernon were at each other's throats over the royalties for use of Link's songs in the movie Pulp Fiction. Supposedly, Vernon Wray either owns or sold his brother's publishing.


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