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First,  please note the spelling:  it's HarmAn, it's Dutch.. it was Van
Harmaan  until
> the guy at the gate told my grandfather his new name was  Harman.
> HarmOn is French, far more common, thank you. A word to the  wise is
> sufficient, they tell me. Thank you for your interest, please  tell anybody
you told your
> new story, knowing the details you now  know.
> Thank you,
> James"

To James,

Thats a bit odd to me because my last name is Harnar, supposedly of Dutch
extraction, our family name history is similar to yours and the name was
possibly changed when it was transcribed by the immigration folks.  My  dad's name
is James as well.  I also have battled a weight problem all  my life, my
brother and sister are both diabetic...maybe that's why i was so  much in awe of
your performance the time i saw you in Memphis.  You kinda  reminded me of ...
me; only you have talent.  My dad was very musical and  we came up with
harmonicas, trumpets, guitars, violins, mandolins, etc.,  around the house.  Seems a
bit weird (pronounced veird) to me.


hope only good things come your way from now on

Steve Harnar
Hot Springs, AR.

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