Bill Broonzy and the Singing Horses

Son Lewis
Sun Sep 5 11:54:28 EDT 2004

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Mainly a  blues singer, he was the unwashed darling of purist
fans, but he had short patience with all the folk curators  who
insist that a true folk song has to  be of unknown authorship and
come down  through the oral tradition. "I guess all songs is folk
songs," he said. "I never heard no horse sing  'em."

I was on a TV show a couple of years ago, hosted by folk-musicologist Ralph
Litwin.  It was called "Horses Sing None Of It" and the quote on one of the
backdrops credited Broonzy with saying "I never heard no horses sing none of

I am not sure which was correct, but Ralph was pretty anal about folk music
and history.

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