Trying to bring closure to the Jimmy Rogers Headstone controversy

Damon M. Ayala
Fri Sep 3 14:54:35 EDT 2004

Tom.  I respect you and your past.  I noted we need more like you.  I'm not
going to get into producing any proof, however.  The Blues-L digest is there
for everyone to see and form their own opinion, as did I.  I was really just
trying to be objective and along with that posted some serious questions about
fundraising that probably just shows my ignorance. I guess I just felt that I
wouldn't want to be on the recieving end of your posts to the Blindman... and
now here I am on the recieving end. Stupid me.  Really, I agree with you and
your stance and I'm satsfied that you represent Jimmy and his family well.
Mostly, I feel it could have been handled offlist, other than posting the fact that
it is not an authorized fundraiser.  So didn't mean to get you going, but
it's important to remember that others have opinions and are free to post them
here, harsh or otherwise.

The one thing I do disagree with is the comparison of using a Waterman image
as part of a fundraiser as opposed to raising funds for someone, however
intentioned.  There are fundamental differences.  That is why a newspaper can't use
a Waterman image without authorization, but the paper can write about Son
House without any authorization from family, management, etc.

Anyway, I didn't mean to get on your bad side, so I'll just shut up now.



In a message dated 9/3/2004 2:22:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Damon/ Writes:

Tom, maybe it was arrogant of the Blindman and others to assume the family
couldn't get it right the first time.  However, you did at times step out of
your professional bounds by insulting others.

Does anyone really have to get  your permission, or even the family's, to
raise money for a cause?

OK Damon ... I guess I am just too lame to to figure out where I "stepped out
of my PROFESSIONAL BOUNDS by insulting others". Where were the insults ?
Produce them.
Secondly - Your damn right you'd better get the permission of the surviving
family members or the person who repped the man for nearly 25 years (myself)
you want to use that artists name to raise money for whatever cause. No
matter how nobel the cause might be. I am flabbergasted at the small number of
people who seem to get it when it comes to using an artists name, his image,
likeness or his music to raise money without consulting the family. You sound
like Carl Rove spinning John Kerry into a demon because he dared protest the
Mai li Massacres. Don't twist the words. The case has been stated pure and
    What do you think Dick Waterman would say if one of his pictures was used
of Son House to raise money for whatever cause ?
    I have been "stepping out of my professional Bounds" for 36 years trying
to protect the underdogs in this game and I will continue to do it. My skin is
a little thicker then it was when I started in this game in the 1960's and I
am not afraid to step on some  toes if it has to be done.
    I can not tell who is sincere and who is not and I am not psychic enough
to know if the cause is truely nobel. After all is said and done with this
situation it now "seems" like the cause was nobel and well meaning. That being
said, it is still the proper thing to do when utilizing an artists name for
whatever purpose that you should check for that. The late Dorothy Lane
widow) her late Daughter Marilyn and surviving daughter Angela Lane personally
asked me to try and stay on top of these things and I do my damnest to do it.
    At the risk of sounding "arrogant" since I have only been on this list
for a few years I think there is a fairly good number of people who are aware
my past and present talent roster. When I get called on the phone by one
person who "seems" sincere and who seems to be taking the right steps to check
things out and then  go on the Blues-L only to discover that things were
started seem pretty well along and that the call seemed  mearly a token
gesture or that someone thought they were "playing me" I will respond swiftly
you can count on it being harsh.
Tom Radai
The Blues Mgt. Group

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