Trying to bring closure to the Jimmy Rogers Headstone controversy

Damon M. Ayala
Fri Sep 3 04:30:29 EDT 2004

I've read this thread with great interest, as I would be more than happy to
donate should the family deem it neccessary.  Tom, maybe it was arrogant of
the Blindman and others to assume the family couldn't get it right the first
time.  However, you did at times step out of your professional bounds by
insulting others. State your case, period.

One thing that you have mentioned throughout your posts, and this is not an
attack of any sort, but mere curiosity:  Does anyone really have to get  your
permission, or even the family's, to raise money for a cause?  I don't  think
so, but maybe I'm wrong.  If the money were not given to the family  or
misappropriated in some other way, then I can comprehend your  reaction.  Not that
you need to justify it to me.  In a way it's good  to see you vehemently defend
the legacy of an old Blues man.  In that  respect, we need more guys like you.

But you've got to remember that the nature of this list is to support the
blues.  Sure, there can still be some underhandedness going on.  But I  doubt
that was the Blindman's intention.



In a message dated 9/3/2004 12:34:58 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

First  off to the person who maintains I attacked him (Billy Allardyce aka
"The  Blindman" )We have never spoken on the phone about the Jimmy  Rogers
Headstone situation or any other topic. That is unless you have  another
alias I am
not aware of. We did have a cordial Email exchange a few  weeks ago but it had
nothing to do with Jimmy's headstone. Where is the  attack Email where I
attacked you ? I did speak with another fellow about  the Headstone situation
(unless that is your other alias) and that  conversation started out cordial
and I
did tell that person I would discuss  this with the family even though I did
inform him that this was how Jimmy  spelled his name on two passports that I
handled. 10 year duration on each  passport. This person persisted in the
conversation and I finally told him  I would discuss it with the family and
get back to
him. I immediatly called  the family and they thought the entire situation was
over the top and out  of line and pretty silly. My plan at that time was to
this fellow back  the next day and tell him the family wanted the situation
ended and wanted  the headstone situation  ended. I thought for sure that all
concerned  would quietly respect the wishes of the family. An hour later I
went on
the  internet to do my nightly perusal of Blues-L only to discover  that
fund-raising had already apparently started. The "impression" given by  the
posts was
that $200 was collected by one group and $300 by another. In  a post from you
(Blindman) I received an Email saying that no funds had  been sent and that
"pledges" to give money to what SEEMED TO BE   a nobel cause. I can only take
you at your word that physical money did not  change hands. If it did I would
hope you would be honorable enough to  return the money to the donars..
Here , however, is the  bottom line and what blew my top. By initiating
some sort of fund-raising  activity (weather money was really exchanged or not
but "pledges" given is  still an activity that used Jimmy's name. You and the
other fellow I have  spoken to have accused me of "attacking" each of you,
in an "over  the top" manner and being "arrogant" about it. I guess I have
worked a  little too long in a business where I feel the underdog needs
someone  to
give them a hand now and then. No matter how rich you think Jimmy might  have
been after the Stones and Clapton stuff. This ,of course, you ,your  co-horts
and most Blues fans have no idea what the inside story on this  matter really
Let's take this point by point. 1) Find the Email where I  personally attacked
you. 2)I tried to let you off easy with minimal  embarrasement by not naming
you since I still felt you probably were well  meaning but had clearly
over-stepped your bounds by initiating fund-raising  (weather actual money
had changed
hands or not is incidental) without the  family or myself being consulted. I
really ticked off when I got the  call by your co-hort who sounded sincere but
who obviously also had  initiated fund-raising before I discussed it with the
family. If that is  not arrogance I don't know what is. I learned that things
were already  rolling along with you guys an hour later when I went on
Where is  the respect for the family and where is the respect for their
wishes??? I  ask you that. You are calling my rant "over the top and
arrogant". What
do  we call your routine when I explained to you that this was how his name
on two of Jimmy's passports. Some of us in the business call that  the
"plantation mentality". It is the height of arrogance to assume that  Jimmy's
widow and
daughters couldn't get it right but you guys did. ME arrogant.
That is all I really have to say on  the topic and it is my hope this
situation (which might have started as  well intentioned....MAYBE) but somehow
seemed to get out of control...can  now fade into the background.
I care not to engage in a  battle of witts with an unarmed man.

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